Happy Birthday, David Luiz!

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Real Madrid is more then 100 years of history. Real Madrid is the feeling that unites us. It is understanding that it is about much more then just a ball. It is the Bernabeu on a big match day. It is losing your voice through cheering. A feeling without borders. An inheritance from father to son. A goal in the 94th minute. It is madness. Chasing a loose ball. Never giving up. Hala Madrid! La Cibeles stage fright for victory is the real passion for football, for victory, for our history. For the white color that unites us and makes us different, authentic. There are many ways to feel passion for football, but none that can compare with supporting Real Madrid. (x)

Celebrations of Bale’s goal

Facetime with Jese.
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One day you will be remembered.

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